Lamson Pneumatic Tube System by CSI

The high speed transfer systemfor movement of goods andsamples from point A to point Bwithout wasting time

CSI’s Parking Guidance System provides drivers with a real-time indication of available parking spaces. Drivers no longer need to drive in circles "hunting" for available parking slots. Multiple sensors at strategic locations ensure that drivers are directed to the nearest available space quickly and efficiently.

  • Cash
  • Small Parts
  • Documents
  • Blood Specimens
  • Laboratory samples
  • Packing slips, keys
  • Tools, cheques, mail


Problems and Challenges:
Businesses are always under pressure to streamline business processes, improve efficiencies and add value to the operations through cost cutting and innovative approaches.


Lamson PTS is an innovative solution that not only improves efficiency by cutting costs associated with the manual delivery, but also adds value to your business by working tirelessly for you 24/7.

The Lamson PTS is one worker that does not demand overtime, premium for working unreasonable hours and fast pace. No longer will you be subjected to late deliveries, incorrect deliveries, loss in efficiency, through staff not being available or away on sickleave. Employ Lamson PTS, the ever reliable, low maintenance solutions that will eliminateall inefficiency associated with in-house transportation.


Why Invest in Lamson PTS by Circuit Solutions Inc.
Lamson PTS automates the transport of materials, pathology samples, pharmaceuticals, cash,
other valuable items and light goods.

This is a low capital cost with multiple user benefits. The return on investment is excellent and will meet the most stringent of evaluations.

The very latest opto electronics allow the highest protection from static discharge ensuring trouble free operation. The unique LCD touch screen is the very latest technology allowing simple utilization for all staff.

Remote diagnostics, e-mail alerts and effortless integration with popular operating system.


Send Stations
There are several different variations of stationsavailable to suit your needs-

  • Front Loading
  • Top Entry
  • Bottom Entry
  • Through Stations
During an operation, removed tissue samples can be sent to pathology to be analysed and the results returned to the operating theatre to determine the continuation of the operation with minimal delays to patient and medical staff.
  • Cash (coins & notes) can be quickly and securely transported in either direction, as well as receipts and change requests
  • Audit trails are available for staff accountability


  • 75mm / 3 inches
  • 90mm / 3.5 inches
  • 110mm / 4 inches
  • 160mm / 6 inches
  • Other sizes available on request